Dinner Menu

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Artichoke Tosca


Golden brown egg dipped artichokes hearts sautéed with capers and garlic in a lemon sauce.



Fresh creamy buffalo mozzarella, eggplant puree, arugula, extra virgin olive oil & balsamic vinegar

Calamari Fritti


5 oz. golden brown squid sautéed with capers, peppers garlic & lemon

Linguini Pescadore


Mussels, clams, shrimp,, and scallops, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, splash pomodoro sauce deglazed with white wine and tossed with linguini pasta



Lightly Char-Grilled,marinated,diced vegetable capers lemon

Sausage & Pepper


Hot & sweet peppers sautéed with potatoes, onions, and sausage

Seafood Calabrese


Char-grilled variety of seafood, extra virgin olive oil, capers, bell peppers, celery, mushroom, lemon vinaigrette




Traditional Italian vegetable soup.

Soup of the Day


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*Ceasar Salad


Romain lettuce tossed with our creamy ceasar dressing topped with croutons.

Arugula Salad


Tossed with balsamic vinaigrette, crumbled blue cheese,walnuts,dried cherries.

Beet Salad


Poached beets,chèvre goat cheese,beet jell,macron almonds,scallion infused olive oil,citrus zest.

Mixed Greens


Mixed green lettuce,tomatoes with our house dressings

Spinach Salad


Tossed in white truffle oil,lemon,parmesan,tomatoes and artichoke thinly sliced







Catch of the Day


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Chicken Bella


Chicken breast, dried cherries, hazelnuts, walnuts, marsala sauce, portabella duxelle

Chicken & Shrimp Fiorentina


Chicken breast, jumbo shrimp, lemon wine sauce presented over sautéed spinach and tomato concasse

Filet Mignon


*Char-grilled served with seasonal vegetables in truffle zip sauce with jumbo shrimp


Lamb Filet


Marinated center cut of lamb loin prepared in suvee finished on char-grilled served with seasonal vegetables and demigaleze



Char-grilled served with seasonal vegetables.

Salmon Mediterranean


Pan seared Atlantic Salmon cooked to perfection served with seasonal vegetables and drizzled with an extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, garlic & parsley


Sea Scallops


Seared dry sea scallops served with seasonal vegetables and infusion oils

Shrimp Casablanca


Lightly breaded jumbo shrimp, oven baked, garlic cream sauce over angel hair

Veal Romana


Veal scaloppini sautéed with mushrooms, shallots, garlic, pancetta, pomodoro sauce flamed with brandy oven finished with quattro formaggi

Zuppa Portughese


Variety of seafood sautéed in garlic, shallots, bell peppers, touch of pepper flakes deglazed with white wine finished in pomodoro broth and served with a crustini




Pasta Entree

Chicken Parmigiana


Lightly breaded chicken oven baked served with spaghetti marinara

Eggplant Parmigiana


Lightly tosca battered eggplant oven baked served with spaghetti marinara

Fettuccini Agli’Olio


Sautéed garlic and extra virgin olive oil, fresh basil and parsley tossed with fettuccini pasta



Pasta Entree

Hot-Hot Spaghetti


Jumbo shrimp in extra virgin olive oil, banana peppers, herbs, garlic and roma tomato, tossed with spaghetti pasta

Langoustine Traviata


Sautéed langoustine, garlic shallots, sweet bell peppers, touch of pepper flakes deglazed with brandy finished with pomodoro sauce and a splash of cream tossed with egg fettuccini pasta

Linguine Clams


Clams, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, white wine (white) or with pomodoro sauce & shallots (red)

Pasta Bolognese (or Marinara)


Tradizionale Bolognese ragu sauce tossed with pasta of choice

Pasta Entree

Penne Arginale


Sautéed chicken breast tips, sun dried tomatoes, artichokes, mushrooms, spinach, diced tomatoes, pine-nuts tossed with penne pasta in a basil cream sauce

Penne Mio Modo


Sautéed breast of chicken & Italian sausage in a traditional meat ragu

Veal Parmigiana


Lightly breaded veal oven baked served with spaghetti marinara