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Our philosophy :


Bucci Ristorante ...

                                     from the moment you walk in it is like no other.


When Chef/Owner Bujar Mamuslari first started working as a Chef, at then Maxine's Italian Cuisine", in September of 1998, he knew this was the place for him to be.


Six months later in February of 1999 he purchased and his dream became reality. To be able to create dishes and see the expressions of the guests as they try them in this OPEN KITCHEN concept is ideal for any truly passionate chef. It is quite the dinning experience to be able to see every entrees start and finish in front of your eyes...true dinner theater for the culinary enthusiasts.


Five Years later, after a long struggle to obtain a Tavern License, Maxine's became known as BUCCI (Chef Bujars childhood nickname). Just recently BUCCI has started implementing its FULL Class C Liquor License.


We have come a long way and have yet a longer road to travel....in this great adventure we would love to take the time to thank, with much passion, our most loyal guests who believe in us and have helped support us to create what we do everyday through out all these years. In the same, we appreciate all the new and recent guests who have found in us the same "special something" that keeps them coming back for more.



Thank you so much for sharing our days and your memories in our







Valentines Day 2014

Happy Valentines 2014

Come & Enjoy

a Romantic Valentine's Day

with Ristorante Bucci

as our chef prepares

a five-course menu

for $ 40.00 per person.

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