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Chef Bucci spent most of his days in residents' homes in the villages, learning the traditional combination of herbs and flavors by the locals, and used this in conjunction with his classical French training to come up with a uniqueness all his own. He also interned in other countries during his course of study, such as Sweden, France, Greece, and Germany.He was fortunate enough to work under to master Chefs in his career: Chef Maxim (Café Paris-France), Chef Navratidas (Poseidon, Wertevik-Sweden). They both left a lasting impression on him went it comes to how he sees and deals with every details of his own kitchen.

Chef Bujar (Bucci)

“Chef Bucci left his third year of law school to pursue his passion in the culinary arts, graduating in Croatia, former Yugoslavia in 1986. He hasn’t regretted that choice one bit. Bucci Ristorante is the fourth establishment Chef-owner Bucci has owned in his lifetime. (The previous three were in Europe). He purchased what was then called Maxine’s Italian Cuisine in 1999 from previous owner Maxine Capaldi, and five years later, once he received his tavern license, renamed the restaurant Bucci, after his childhood nickname.


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Modern European cuisine is made with local ingredients.